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Sweet Tree Cannabis Co.



Our connection to what cannabis can offer is personal. We have a strong desire to curate a trusted, safe and reliable umbrella of products that help our customers rediscover their vibrancy. The elation and joy we are creating is derived from living a fuller life and experiencing more.�We have spent the last two years forming strategic relationships with vendors, suppliers, landlords and influencers to bring together our vision of�offering�the highest quality products in a controlled and safe environment, all at the best financial terms. And just in time� the market is primed, and we are ready! We are passionate about our brand, our product and our model. It is our mission to guide,�educate and�support Canadians �in living their sweetest life.


License Type : Recreational
Address : 11-5147 20 Avenue SE
City : Calgary
State : AB
Address : 11-5147 20 Avenue SE
Min Age : 18
Retailer Services storefront


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