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South & East Herbals


We are South & East Herbals! Not just you\'re local delivery service, but an experience  We strive to bring you Top quality strains for the best prices in town. When most say they can and don’t, WE DO! Most of our strains are AAAA, along with many other AAAA+ strains you won’t find anywhere else. We also keep a few AAA or lower, for those looking for a milder high at the most affordable prices.


Minimum orders is 3.5 grams. All flower strains are sold in increments of 3.5. You can mix strains when buying 7-14-28 grams.


For Ottawa\'s best and most reliable same day delivery and scheduled delivery service, please call or text (343)961-8370 and please provide us with you\'re photo identification due to security reasons purposes. 




License Type : Recreational
City : Ottawa
State : Ontario
Min Age : 19
Retailer Services delivery


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